December 5, 2004

Crowetopia has a scan of Hot Tickets Magazine supplement article  (thanks Ivani)

From the Toronto Star courtesy of Helga (click on image to see it full size)

December 4, 2004:
Russell lends his voice to a track on a CD by Coffs Harbour Band Tallowood. The song is Gypsy Rover. Full story here.  (thanks Max)

Crowetopia has a Russell Crowe word fine puzzle  (thanks Ivani)

The DVD of the Russell Crowe narrated Colour of War – the ANZACS is now available  in Zone 4 PAL format (thanks Ivani) are currently selling several books about James Braddock 
They also have the shooting script of the movie  (thanks Ivani)

December 2, 2004:
Vidcaps from ET First Look Cinderella Man  Here
If the official version of the trailer is not up by tomorrow I will put up the video from the show. Watch for large DVD vidcaps soon.

December 1, 2004:
Toronto Star has an article about music store Capsule Music where Russell is a customer.  (thanks Max)

Sydney Morning Herald
Beauty and the beast
Even $760 million property developers can get stars in their eyes.

So it was for Gladiator Lang Walker on Monday night at Woolloomooloo Bay.

Walker, whose entourage included elder son Blake, was making his way from his pad at the end of the Finger Wharf, past one his boats, Kokomo, to his Italian restaurant, Otto, when he ran into Oscar-winning actor Russell Crowe.

Rusty – sporting the questionable white socks with black runners look – and wife Danielle were out walking their new bub, Charles, and stopped to have a chat with Walker, who left his son to seat their dinner guests.

Like Walker, the Crowes also have a pad at the end of the Wharf.

Walker owns Otto with John Laws and, in keeping with the close-knit community that is Woolloomooloo, the Golden Tonsilled One and five of his closest friends were soon enjoying dinner two tables away. (thanks Max)

November, 30, 2004:
Inside Bay Area has an article about Tony Curtis with brief mention of Russell  – Contemporary movie actors he enjoys watching include Tommy Lee Jones, Russell Crowe and his daughters Kelly Curtis and Jamie Lee Curtis  Full article here.  (thanks Max)

November 23,2004: has a preview screening review of Cinderalla Man which starts with the headline “Get the Oscar Polished”  
(thanks Paola)

November 22, 2004:
Another expanded version of the boy bitten by a snake story in the National Enquirer (take into account the source of this story when reading it   (thanks Vsecin)

Dame Edna Everage interview with mention of Russell . HERE

November 20, 2004

Remember the Lyrics to the TOFOG Song David?

How many people have the same name?
How many Davids do you know?
What’s the measurement on thinking the same thing
What’s the chance they’d ever know
What’s the chance they’d ever know

Now read this news story

A BRITISH prisoner found guilty of the racially motivated murder of his cellmate likened himself to Russell Crowe’s character in the violent Australian movie Romper Stomper. Full story HERE.  (thanks Cyd)

November 2, 2004:  Thanks to Chattles we have a short one page article about a child who was injured in AU Russell mentioned.  Here

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