Mr. Crowe is a many faceted man, and whether you see him as the imp, or the sarcastic monster, whether you find him handsome or homely, he is definitely one thing, not boring.  He tends to be noticed wherever he goes and is talked about constantly.  Some of the problems of being Russell Crowe are addressed here as well as some other things.  We are a talky lot and have our say when we wish.  So if you want to read some editorial content, see below.

Jax has her say:
My reply to a Letter to the Editor of the NYT.  Oct. 26, 2002
Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts  an Austin lament.
Surly?  Some things haven’t changed much, this is from 2001. 
The Bafta Controversy
The Oscar Countdown:  A Strange Sad Time
Oscar:  Some Final Thoughts
Oscar 2003:  A retro

Sunnie has her say:
Gossip Columnists
What Price an Oscar?
Have they forgotten these are the lives of real people?